Thanks to our flat organisational structure we maintain direct and open communication with our customers. Anyone doing business with Hovetra is assured of a single point of contact for all questions related to the transport and logistics of foodstuffs. Because we can switch quickly, almost everything is possible.


BD Bulktransport attaches great importance to reliable and flexible services. This manifests itself in responding adequately, quickly and professionally to specific wishes of our customers. BD Bulktransport strives for sustainability in all its relationships.


BD Bulktransport is progressive when it comes to quality. Currently the services of BD Bulktransport and Hovetra are IFS and GMP+ certified. The cleaning facility of Hovetra in Rhoon is SQAS, ATCN and EFTCO approved and ISO 22000 certified.

All our cars have special magnetic filters that are used with each unloading. The magnetic filters are intended to exclude possible contamination between the raw material production and the final consumer as far as possible by the application of sieves and magnets.

Innovation is of paramount importance at BD Bulktransport. For example, we were the first service provider in the Netherlands to provide the whole fleet with magnetic filters. In collaboration with one of our largest customers, we started a pilot a few years ago with a drying installation for our tippers and two compartmentalised trailers. The results were so positive that ten of our trailers have now been equipped with this drying installation. Various quality standards exist in the field of food safety within Europe. As a service provider in the food sector, BD Bulktransport conforms to these standards. We follow developments in the quality standards and are advised by experts on the implementation of new and/or additional quality requirements and certification processes.

  • IFS Logistics
  • GMP+
  • SQAS
  • ISO22000