About BD Bulktransport

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After its creation in 2002 in Gendt, BD Bulktransport has grown into a professional service provider in the bulktransport of foodstuffs. Especially baker's flour is delivered both nationally and internationally.

Since 1 January 2012, BD Bulktransport has been taken over by Hovetra. In the meantime, this restructuring has led to the expected positive effects on the possibilities and the competitive position of the 'Hovetra Group' as a whole. The pre-quantification of objectives in the area of synergy and efficiency contributed to this. Due to the location of BD Bulk transport near the German border and of Hovetra near the Rotterdam port area, BD Bulktransport and Hovetra complement each other well and can thus serve a wide range of customers. The certified cleaning facility of Hovetra ensures BD Bulktransport of clean trailers and tanks to deliver high-quality foodstuffs.

The fleet of the Hovetra Group consists of over 60 trucks of which BD Bulktransport owns around 25. BD Bulktransport also has tipper bulk trailers, bulk trailers with special dryers, belt trailers, box trailers, a bulk trailer with compartments (varying up to 7 compartments), a suction trailer, a weighing trailer and a straight truck with trailer.

Thanks to our highly motivated and well-trained team, we are able to solve all issues concerning the transport of food. The planning and the drivers are of vital importance here and form an indispensable part of our organisation.


BD Bulktransport operates with young, modern and advanced transport equipment. All trucks are equipped with on-board computers that are linked to the TMS. Expansions in the data exchange and further digitisation will bring new investments in the coming years. 

BD Bulktransport pays special attention to the specific characteristics and regulations when transporting foodstuffs. Ever higher demands are being made on logistics processes. Long-term relationships are less self-evident, the transport wishes of clients are more diverse and the quality expectations are higher. Developments in information technology are becoming ever faster and will also lead to the digitisation of transport processes with all the associated documentation in the coming years. The developments in logistics are more about adding value than saving costs.

  • IFS Logistics
  • GMP+
  • SQAS
  • ISO22000