BD Bulktransport: high quality, flexible and fast transport

BD Bulktransport is a dynamic transport company which is part of the Hovetra Group since 2012. The fleet of the Hovetra Group consists of over 60 trucks of which BD Bulktransport owns around 25. BD Bulktransport also has tipper bulk trailers, bulk trailers with special dryers, belt trailers, box trailers, a bulk trailer with compartments, a suction trailer, a weighing trailer and a straight truck with trailer. All our cars have special magnetic filters that are used with each unloading. These magnetic filters allow us to exclude possible contamination of the product and prevent possible calamities.

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International transport according to a tight schedule

High-quality cleaning in
certified facility

Single point of contact for a
fast performance

  • IFS Logistics
  • GMP+
  • SQAS
  • ISO22000